Clip ‘n Climb is an indoor climbing experience like no other! Visually stunning, action-packed entertainment that provides oodles of healthy challenging fun for everyone.


Our Walls

  • 29 climbing walls
  • Each wall offers a number of challenging routes
  • Bright & bold designs make the climbing experience fun
  • 28' height on each wall
  • Vertical Drop Slide Super Challenge

Ultimate Challenge!

Vertical Drop Slide*

In this extraordinary experience, you will be kitted out in a skydiving suit and a helmet. Holding onto a handle bar, you are pulled up the face of the slide. At the 28 feet high top, or at any height you choose (or have the courage), you let go for a 10 foot free-fall before sliding seamlessly down the slide, through the radius and up to the end of the slide. Enjoy the truly exhilarating adrenalin rush of dropping into the void from a great height!

*Available for purchase at Reception for a small additional cost. Must be completed during a current climbing session and not transferable to another climber.


Fun for the whole family!

  • We have walls of varying degrees of difficulty, suitable for climbers of any age or ability.

  • Gain a whole new perspective from above and challenge yourself to reach new heights!

  • Bright, bold, colourful and fun wall designs create a visually impressive climbing arena for the young and young at heart.

  • There is no maximum age to participate. Everyone 4 years old and older can climb, meeting the weight requirements (33-330 lbs). We do not recommend this activity to children 3 years and under as they may find the belay system and harness uncomfortable, and may be too short to enjoy most of the challenges.

For more information, please see our Requirements page.


This style of climbing combines the fun and exhilaration of traditional rock climbing with the safety of the TruBlue auto belay system. Developed in partnership with Clip ‘n Climb International, the TruBlue auto belay system is now recognized as the most trusted and widely used auto belay in the world. It uses a patented magnetic braking system to ensure every climber is lowered safely to the ground, adjusting automatically in response to the weight of each climber. This means children, and adults alike, will have smooth and similar rates of descent.

Watch this video to learn more:

We also use the BelayMATE technology for our belay-to-harness attachment. Exclusive to Clip 'n Climb, it is an innovative and easily operated mechanism that provides unparalleled safety for climbers when connected to an auto belay. If the climber is not connected correctly to the system, the line will not release from the ground anchor. This enables each participant to enjoy a safe and autonomous climbing experience!

Watch this video to learn more:


How does it work?

How do I book a climbing session? We recommend booking in advance particularly on weekends and holidays. Our online booking system is the most efficient way to book your tickets. Alternatively, you can book over the phone at 780-450-2277.

Is there an age limit for climbing?

Is it only for kids? Clip ‘n Climb is not just for kids! Adults of all ages and abilities will enjoy just as much. Once you try it you’ll realize what a great workout it is. Age is only a number but we do have some other important numbers for you to be aware of; all climbers must be over 33 lbs. and under 330 lbs. to climb our walls safely using our Auto Belay system.

Are there food and drinks available?

We are not a dedicated food and beverage supplier, however we do have bottled water, Gatorade, and Clif energy or fruit bars available for purchase. We encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle.

I’ve heard the safety briefing before, do I have to hear it again?

Yes, to abide by the strict safety guidelines of Clip ‘n Climb, ALL climbers must attend the safety briefing before each climbing session regardless of how many times you’ve been to Clip ‘n Climb.

How do I cancel or reschedule my booking?

To cancel your session at Clip ‘n Climb Edmonton we require 48 hours notice prior to your session start time. Rescheduling is based on availability. Please call 780-450-2277 to cancel or make changes to your booking. Refer to our booking policy for more details.

Can we leave our kids at Clip ‘n Climb and pick them up at the end?

Children under the age of 13 years need to have an actively supervising parent/guardian (over 18 years), with a maximum ratio of six children to one adult (6:1) for supervision purposes. All adults supervising the climb are required to attend the safety / harness briefing and to help their kids to connect the belay mate.

Do I have to pay if I am just supervising my child and not climbing?

No, payment is only required for climbers. All supervising parents/guardians will not be charged and are encouraged to join their children in the arena.